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At Scribolo, we like colours and we believe papers are a great playground. So we design fine and fun paper objects that inspire and stimulate children’s creativity. We take particular care to provide quality products and illustrations which children can make theirs, adding the colours of their imagination.

The idea behind Scribolo came to me when I realised how much my two children loved to colour and draw but were bound by the size of the paper. I wanted to provide them with more space to play, extending the limits of the paper field. Our first product is a huge and fine-drawn illustration of Singapore, which they have already spent hours drawing on together. I hope you will love it too.

Nathalie, founder of Scribolo


Singapore colouring poster artist: Ziyue Chen

Ziyue, pronounced as Zzz yuair, also known as Angeline, is our Illustrator for this project. She is a Singaporean artist and a graduate of Ringling College of Art and Design in Florida, US. Her works have been recognized on many occasions, both in the US and Singapore.

Ziyue loves visualizing stories through illustrations, and her works often reflect her own emotions and feelings. She enjoys drawing for children and created this fine illustration of Singapore in ink, putting great attention to detail. This unique work is visualised upon her own experiences of the city in which she grew in as a child and an adult.


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