Flying back home for holidays ?

Best souvenir and 60 hours challenge for kids

You are flying back home for holidays and you are facing two challenges

Bring the best souvenir possible of Singapore to your friends and family. 

And having your child occupied and stimulated during the long holiday break .

 You need something light that you can easily bring with you everywhere

 You’d love that your kids could be able to play alone but also with sibling, grandparents, and friends.

There is one activity that is cross language, cross age and that is also the best creative gift for your friends and family?

 We have been thinking a lot to came up with a single solution.

 We found out that a common activity that everyone can do without learning and to any age is coloring. We started with the idea of a poster that we took to the next level.

We are not talking about a one-page coloring. We are talking about a 1.4m long poster!

 It’s probably taller than your younger one.

 And we wanted to associate this poster to deep emotions. Emotion of what they love, with memories of where they have been.

 So, we made a poster of the most emblematic places of Singapore where your kids have probably been: Zoo, Gardens by The Bay, a total of 40 places.

Watch the video to see how BIG is the poster and the insane amount of details :

Best Gift From Singapore

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